Zaptec Go works with any car

No matter what you drive or where you’re going, Zaptec Go is the surest way to power your journey. Built on leading-edge Norwegian green technology, we’ve created an award-winning charger, that’s as smart on the inside as it is simple on the outside.


Zaptec Go at a glance

Fits any electric vehicle

Compatible with all electric vehicles and homes. Zaptec Go cleverly adapts its maximum charge to your car’s capacity, ensuring the most efficient charge possible.


80% smaller and lighter than similar chargers on the market.

Eco Mode

Get a lower electricity bill by charging when the electricity is cheap.

Future-ready and

Packed with state-of-the-art tech, and always online with WiFi or 4G LTE-M, Zaptec Go keeps itself up-to-date with the latest functions and updates. All you have to do is charge your car and your next car, and your next car.

Place it anywhere

About the same size as a digital tablet and weighing 1.3kg, the Zaptec Go blends seamlessly into your home. Zaptec Go won’t make your house look like a spaceship or take up unnecessary wall space in your garage.

Smart, small and safe


Faster charging

Charge up to 22kW, which gives you a mileage of about 100 km after one hour of charging.

The market´s safest charger

Certified with the highest safety standards.

Future-ready and up-to-date

WiFi or 4G LTE-M, keeps itself up-to-date with new functions


Beautifully simple

With function-lit socket and RFID chip possibility

Product information

Documents and manuals
EU Declaration of Conformity
Zaptec ladekabel

Zaptec and safety requirements

Our charging stations meet all safety requirements related to product and installation standards.

Read our documentation and learn more about our chargers’ key safety features.