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When you visit our website or access Zaptec’s profiles on social media such as FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn, digital tracks are left behind.

The social medias has its own rules for processing your personal data, which you accept by accepting their terms of use. This cannot affect Zaptec.

If you use our website without disabling the cookie feature in your browser, you accept Zaptec’s use of cookies.

Use of cookies and web analytics

Cookies are small data files that make it possible to recognize your browser and thereby store information about how to use a website. The cookies remain on your mobile phone or PC until they expire or are deleted by you. In addition to cookies, we use ”pixels” from third parties. 

What information is recorded?

At , we record the following information about you:

  • your position using your IP address
  • your electronic tracks, such as which pages you visit and which products you order
  • technical information about your browser and your operating system

Why do we use cookies?

Zaptec uses cookies on its websites to:

  • Optimize the site’s technical functionality, user experience and content
  • Make it easy for users to log in and stay signed in to our portal
  • Recognize returning users
  • Analyze and learn from your behavior so that we can customize the content and make it as relevant to you as possible
  • Let you perform tasks faster

You may see ads from us on other websites based on content and pages you have visited at . For this purpose, we use third-party cookies that also have technology to reach you on several of your digital devices.

We use Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft AdsHotjar, Google OptimizeLinkedin Marketing Solutions, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads and Facebook Business Manager for traffic analysis, communication and campaign optimization at and associated websites.

How to avoid cookies

On the Zaptec’s website you can change which cookies should be switched on under ”Additional cookies”. If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can also turn it off in your browser. Please note that this may cause you to lose some functionality on both the Zaptec’s website and other websites.

You can delete cookies by following the cookie deletion instructions on your browser’s own website. Here are some examples:

If you want to allow cookies, but at the same time keep track of what Zaptec stores, then there are add-ons to your browser that allows you to do so in a relatively easy way. A widely used alternative can be found at . 

Zaptec uses Mailchimp to track email communications from Zaptec. You can opt-out yourself via the link in the email or by contacting 


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