Parkeringsområder skal tilby ladeplasser for elbiler fra 1 juli

29. 06. 2018

The parking regulations for electric car charging come into force from 1 July 2018 and will make electric car charging more accessible in car parks.

The parking regulations require charging facilities in car parks where parking is offered to the public under conditions, for example against payment of a fee or a time limit. These places should be established by 1 January 2018. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has postponed the deadline until 1 July 2018

When planning charging points, it is important to think ahead and install a charging solution that can be effectively scaled in line with the growth of electric cars.

Espen Limstand, who is Director of Business Development at OfficeLink , has seen that the electric car wave is here to stay and that an entire industry will be built around electric cars where charging will be a central part and not least payment for charging.

It looks like many have avoided investing in a charging system, only here in Bodø we see that there are a lot of car parks that do not meet the requirement for charging in car parks, says Espen.

ZapCharger Pro is the market’s most intelligent and scalable charging system for electric cars. Zaptec has short delivery times and can supply charging solutions to the parking industry through associated certified electrical installers.

If you need quick installation of a smart charging system to meet the new requirements, we have a number of skilled dealers ready to help you with a charging system prepared for the future. Read more about the charging solution here

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