Zaptec opens Benelux office in Amsterdam

Managing Director of Zaptec Benelux, Joris Laponder, opened his Benelux office on January 1st this year and already has a Zaptec team behind him.

‘Our local market is more than ready for significant growth. The energy transition is experiencing huge acceleration. Delivery and installation of charging points and network capacity in the Netherlands and Belgium are challenges linked to this growth. Zaptec offers solutions for these challenges through fast delivery, simple installation, and straightforward expansion of charging points. Zaptec’s advanced technology also plays into grid capacity overload with best-in-class load and phase balancing’  Joris explains. His extensive network and 20+ years of experience in energy and e-mobility will fuel the Benelux ambitions in the years to come.

Future-ready products

Zaptec offers two future-ready quality solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg; the system charger Zaptec Pro and the home charger Zaptec Go.

Zaptec Pro is a smart and efficient charging point for car parks and spaces in housing associations, companies, and new housing projects. As the most innovative and flexible charging point available, Zaptec Pro offers features such as standard 4G for quick installation and ISO15118 integration with Plug & Charge and Vehicle2Grid preparation. To maximize the use of existing network capacity, the distinct load-balancing technology and scaling up the number of connected chargers are vital advantages that Zaptec Pro offers.

Zaptec Go is one of the smallest home chargers on the market, with an award-winning design, effortless installation, 4G connection at no extra cost, and open API.

Safety above all

Zaptec’s products are continuously tested to meet the highest European safety standards. In this market segment, Zaptec is the undisputed leader in terms of quality and safety, underlined by a Tüv Sud approval. A Tüv-approved product also means that it meets several EU safety requirements.

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De veiligheidsaanpak van Zaptec

Zaptec blijft de huidige regels en voorschriften strikt interpreteren, want ons doel is dat onze laders nooit personen, voertuigen of eigendommen schaden. Wij willen u informeren over de veiligheidsaspecten van Zaptec Pro en Zaptec Go. Lees hieronder de betreffende informatie.

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