Zaptec expands: new German production partner

The Zaptec team have been a little too successful in getting the Norwegian brand’s incredible chargers into the hands and homes of European EV drivers. With more motorists ‘making the switch’ each and every day, Zaptec has moved to ensure supply, and support its continued growth, with a new production partner in Germany.

Zaptec is excited to announce its partnership with Sanmina Corporation – a specialist in high-quality electronics production. As one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Sanmina boasts strategically located production facilities around the globe. These will play a critical role in the company’s ambitious growth plans in Europe and North America.

The new partnership aims to secure supply of Zaptec’s award-winning Zaptec Go and Zaptec Pro while also reducing the carbon footprint of the company’s supply chain by reducing logistics, instead manufacturing ‘in market’. Simultaneously, Zaptec’s Norwegian production partner Westcontrol will ramp up its operations with new facilities and production lines.

“We are now entering a mass production phase that is expected to grow over the next few years and the investment in new equipment and locations will meet the increased demand,” says Zaptec CEO, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen.

With Westcontrol located in the Nordic region and Samina in central Europe, Zaptec will be better placed to easily distribute quality chargers worldwide.

“German manufacturing is known for its high quality and efficiency. The fact that Germany is also the largest market in Europe does not hurt, either. There is a significant sales value associated with having a German-made product in this market, so there is also a commercial incentive,” Bardenfleth-Hansen says.

The German factory will be a key part of Zaptec’s growth plans, establishing a clearer presence in Europe and minimising supply chain risk by supporting Zaptec’s Norwegian operations.

“Sanmina is a global player with factories worldwide. This supports our global ambition to see Zaptec chargers powering adventures on every continent,” concluded Bardenfleth-Hansen.

About Zaptec’s new production partner

Name: Sanmina Corporation

Location: Gunzenhausen, Germany

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Employees: Approximately 45,000

Global operations in 25 countries across six continents

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