Zaptec at the Oslo Stock Exchange’s main market

Oslo Stock Exchange has decided to admit Zaptec’s shares to trading on the main list.

Since listing on Euronext Growth in 2020, Zaptec has continued to invest in its core business, namely high-quality smart electric car chargers, which are designed to be the safest on the market. CEO of Zaptec, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, is proud of the company’s new milestone.

“Today’s listing on the main market at Oslo Stock Exchange supports our strategy and provides exposure to a broader, global investor audience while demonstrating that we are serious about our development of advanced charging technology for a global and expanding EV fleet. Thank you to our shareholders, and thank you to everyone on the Zaptec-team. Had it not been for our employees’ dedication and hard work, we would not have reached this milestone. Europe next” says Bardenfleth-Hansen.

Zaptec has been available on Euronext Growth since 2020, and the switch to the main index will now, to an even greater extent, show Zaptec as a serious player, according to the CEO.

“We are now entering an index accompanied by a significant extent of corporate professionalism, where we will show ourselves even more as a serious player in our field. With recent and imminent product launches, we are ready to take markets such as the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and France by storm” says Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Chief Executive Officer in Zaptec.

Zaptec is part of the Euronext Tech Leaders segment launched by Euronext in June 2022 with the support of a strong network of partners

Foto/Photo: Chris Fey/ NTB

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