Ministerbesøk hos Zaptec

02. 02. 2015

We had the pleasure of welcoming two of our ministers this morning. Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance, and Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Minister of Transport and Communications.

They were looking to visit companies that could represent a more optimistic view of the future of the industry in Norway, since the region and the country are very much focused on the negative development in the oil and gas industry.

The message from Zaptec was clear: We are developing next-generation power technology, based on learning and experience from the oil and gas industry. The applications for this technology are almost endless, ranging from car charging to drilling on planets and asteroids. There is a great opportunity for new growth in Norwegian industry, based on the infrastructure and technology industry that has been developed as part of the oil and gas industry over the past 40 years.

Our CEO Brage W. Johansen presented our strategy, ambitions and our ongoing business with Renault, and met an engaged and interested finance minister.

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