Zaptec’s new prototype enables seamless EV charging with next-generation technology

Zaptec invests NOK 5 million in software company Switch to get the next generation of charging technology with no apps or credit cards.

– Imagine charging without apps and without adding payment details. This is Plug&Charge technology, says Zaptec’s CEO Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen.

The development of EVs determines which cars have Plug&Charge technology. More EVs are now updating their software to offer Plug&Charge to their owners. The software technology is an international standard (ISO 15118) that defines a vehicle-to-grid (VG2) communication interface for the bi-directional charging of electric vehicles. It involves a communication bridge between the car and the charging station. In the future, this may also mean intermediate storage of electricity.

The system charger Zaptec Pro has been hardware-ready for the past two years, which means Zaptec installations from 2020 and up till now can finally have the future-proof technology brought to life as soon as the EV development supports the modern charging method.

Zaptec’s CEO is confident that this is the future:

– This is a step toward a seamless charging experience for future EV owners. Our system charger Zaptec Pro has been at the forefront regarding quality and safety within charging infrastructure for several years. This latest software prototype shows that Zaptec Pro is still the most future-proof product on the market, he says.

The new prototype makes Zaptec one of the first AC EV charging manufacturers to provide complete end-to-end implementation and compatibility of Plug&Charge functionality with ISO 15118.

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People of Zaptec: Gabriele Janke

People of Zaptec: Gabriele Janke

Meet Gabriele Janke! She’s our in-house specialist who is responsible for all returns of Zaptec products, starting with addressing client concerns and confirming product functions with the support team.

Record-breaking performance

Record-breaking performance

Zaptec achieved revenue growth of 86% in the third quarter, compared to the same period in 2022, and surpasses 1 billion NOK in revenue so far this year. The quarter is the best and signifies impressive growth for the company.

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