Telenor Norway has named the winner of the Greenovation competition run with environmental foundation ‘Zero’ and Kjeller Innovasjon to encourage start-ups in the field of ecologically sound technology. Nine finalists with ideas for low-impact drones, greenhouses, plastic, paint, financial services and electricity were shortlisted. The winner was Stavanger-based Zaptec, which has devised a way to use energy efficiently.

Zaptec hopes its system will encourage use of electric-powered cars, among other thing, by raising the number of charging points from one or two dotted around town, to tens of thousands, without overloading the grid. The start-up already had products on the market. Ulrika Leikvang, head of sustainability and the environment at Telenor, said Zaptec’s technology has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but provide profitability.