Zaptec appoints new CEO in Sweden

04. 04. 2019

Zaptec appoints new CEO in Sweden

Apr 4, 2019 | Inside Zaptec, News

Ms. Anna-Karin Andersen is appointed CEO for Zaptec Sweden AB. The company just explanded to Sweden and is owned by Zaptec AS in Norway as a provider of a market leading charging system for housing cooperatives, societies and companies.

The young leader, Ms. Andersen, earned a degree in economy from the University of Uppsala. She has worked in the wind- and solarpower company Utellus AB as acting CEO. She starts as CEI for Zaptec Sweden AB the 17th of June 2019.


” Ms. Andersen has a great interest for electrification of the society and is a dedicated and customer oriented leader. Zaptec believes that the market share of chargeable vehicles in Sweden will increase in the coming years and hired Ms. Andersen to lead our effort to establish a chargeable infrastructure where people live and travel” explains Mr. Anders Thingbø CEO for Zaptec AS.

”Sweden is facing a transformation with a significant increase in chargeable vehicles and with the expertise, innovation and different charging solutions by Zaptec I see a great potential for the future. I am proud and glad to be trusted to establish Zaptec in Sweden and I am ready to take on one of our times most important challenges, a 100% fossil free car park” says Ms. Andersen.


Stavanger, Norway

April 08 2019


For more information, please contact:

VD Zaptec AS, Anders Thingbø, Telephone: +47 934 88385

Anna-Karin Andersen, Telephone: +46 70 528 97 91



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