Zaptec supports open protocols (OCPP)

18. 10. 2018

Zaptec has developed the world’s most advanced charging system for housing cooperatives, joint owners and major parking facilities. Some of the most important features are connected to our patented systems for phase balancing and switching between 1-phase and 3-phase charging. These features are not supported by the open OCPP standard. In order to ensure that our customers are still able to use the features unique to Zaptec, we have chosen to allow partners to connected to our backend system, ZapCloud, instead of directly to our charging stations. This means that Zaptec can handle load and phase balancing, while our partners are able to manage payment, authentication, monitoring and support.

Zaptec provides load and phase balancing in a way that ensures as much available capacity as possible is utilised without skewing the power network. Capacity utilisation this efficient would be impossible without phase balancing.

Zaptec has a range of partners using OCPP cloud  and our other integration methods, including EasyPark, Charge365, Fortum, Smartly, Virta and SmartCharge. We will also be launching with a number of other leading charging operators as Zaptec partners in the near future.

Free administrative tool for electric car charging

As the administrator of a Zaptec charging system, you can opt to use the administrative tool ZapCloud completely free of charge. This shows you consumption per user, updates charging points with the latest firmware and displays the status of all charging points in your system in real-time. If you would prefer not to administer the system yourself, it is easy to connect to one of our partners. This takes away all your worries – our partners will handle everything from support to payments on your behalf.


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