Zaptec purchases the payment service Charge365

Zaptec has purchased the Charge365 payment service from OfficeLink AS. At the same time, we continue our very good business relationship with OfficeLink, which will still be a major player in charging systems and payment solutions from Zaptec. For existing and new customers of Charge365, everything continues as before.

We have for a long time experienced that customers expect Zaptec to offer payment services for Zaptec charging systems. This demand comes especially from multi-family houses that want simple, accurate and fair settlement of EV charging. We believe that the acquisition will enable us to deliver an even better and comprehensive product and service offering for our customers.

Charge365 is a leading player in the Norwegian market offering simple and proven payment services for Zaptec’s charging systems. About 2,000 paying customers of Charge365 are covered by the agreement. For new and existing customers of Charge365, everything continues as before in the short term – as we plan for transfer of operations, development and support. In the longer term, Zaptec plans to further develop what is already a very good payment service, in addition to internationalizing it.

Zaptec is committed to freedom of choice and good charging solutions for our customers. That is why we maintain our good cooperation with existing payment service providers. This will ensure customers simplicity and freedom of choice when it comes to good payment solutions for charging EVs with Zaptec’s charging systems.


For questions, please contact

Anders Thingbø
CEO, Zaptec
934 88 385

Jøran Storeide
CEO, OfficeLink
934 67 100

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