Zaptec Norway wins international design award

Zaptec Go home charger awarded the 2022 Red Dot Design Award for best product design.

Last year, Zaptec picked up a Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category, while this year it is in the Product Design category that home charger Zaptec Go had won plaudits and received an award as part of the international design competition.

“It’s really gratifying to win a price that recognises the work we have put into this electric car charger. It packs in a lot of technology under the hood, and we’ve really worked hard to get the product down to the size that it is. At the same time, the charger also includes features and levels of user-friendliness for both our end users and the electricians tasked with fitting the product,” says Magnus Pallesen, who is responsible for the development of the electronics in Zaptec Go.

Magnus Pallesen Red Dot Awards Zaptec
“It’s really gratifying to win a price that recognises the work we have put into this electric car charger

Pallesen is delighted that his team of developers, who made great technical choices throughout the design process in partnership with the Elleve design bureau, were responsible for the industrial design.

“The biggest challenge was creating a charger that people want to have on their walls. We had to create a product that was functional, housed advanced technology and also fitted into the home. It was also important for the design to have its own expression that spoke to Zaptec’s own, clear identity so that it could become a benchmark product in its category,” says designer Mats Henriksen. 

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