Zaptec launches a new product with MID certification

Making it easier to verify that you receive the power you pay for

The electric vehicle charging company’s new charger will be equipped with a built-in measuring instrument following the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), and it is the only Norwegian electric vehicle charging company currently with MID certification for its charging unit. This will make it easier for consumers to use public chargers and is essential to Zaptec’s international expansion into new European markets. 

Zaptec Pro (MID) will be available from August 15th. The European Commission governs the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and compliance with it, and the certification demonstrates that Zaptec Pro complies with the energy measurement accuracy and documentation requirements in major European markets. The electric vehicle charging company has developed the measuring instrument and its software.

“We have developed an integrated measuring instrument that fits into our new Zaptec Pro charger and is now approved in accordance with the MID standard. This measuring instrument will precisely measure the amount of power delivered to the vehicle, ensuring that you receive the power and kWh you have paid for,” says Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO of Zaptec. 

The new Zaptec Pro charger will also display the accumulated power consumption in kWh, allowing users to see how much power has passed through the charger. The charging history will be stored in Zaptec’s app and portal, and the measuring instrument will provide an equally accurate measurement as a power meter placed in a fuse box. 

“The unique thing about this product is that we have developed the measuring instrument ourselves, and the charger has undergone numerous tests to guarantee that the product works as intended, regardless of weather and temperature. Alternatively, you could purchase a meter integrated into the charging station. Still, Zaptec Pro (MID) has the measuring instrument built into the charger itself, making the entire charger MID-certified,” explains Bardenfleth-Hansen. 

Consumers will have confidence that they are paying for the correct amount of power. 

The certification is a significant step for Zaptec to enter new European markets, as several major markets require MID certification for public chargers. The company predicts that this requirement will likely extend to the rest of Europe and the Nordic countries in the near future as well. 

“MID certification is a requirement in specific markets and close to being a requirement in others. For example, if we look at Germany alone, implementing MID in the charging unit reduces the number of competitors from 250 to 70. The measuring instrument built into our new Zaptec Pro charger is certified to measure the power used to charge an electric vehicle. It will remain a reliable quality seal for all end users who only pay for the exact energy they receive for their vehicles,” says Bardenfleth-Hansen. 

“With other public charging stations without MID, the measurement accuracy and billing basis vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. With MID, this is quality assured and ensures the customer’s confidence that they are paying for the correct amount of power. 

With the certification, tax authorities in the Benelux countries, France, and Germany will also accept tax deductions for electricity used for company cars. Company cars account for 70 per cent of all new car sales in Germany, and within electric car sales, company cars represent an even larger share. Therefore, the certification opens up great potential for the Norwegian charging company in Europe. 

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