21 January, 2019

Zaptec is the market leader of charging systems for housing cooperatives and business in Norway and generated sales of MNOK 100 in 2018 with a positive result. We are now establishing our own business in Sweden.

Sweden has seen an increase in sales of rechargeable cars of 44% last year. During the next 2-3 years, new electric car models with competitive prices are expected to increase the growth of electric and rechargeable hybrids in Sweden significantly.

There is a great need for general knowledge about charging where Zaptec wants to play an active role with knowledge lift and quality-assured charging system tested and operating in over 1500 housing cooperatives and companies around Norway.

In order for Sweden to receive the same follow-up and quality that we are known for in Norway, we now choose to create a completely new office in Stockholm. In this context, we are currently looking for a CEO for Zaptec AB. We are looking for a person who can use the available resources and room for maneuver given by Zaptec to enable charging of electric cars for all housing cooperatives, co-owners and companies with larger parking spaces around Sweden.

The expansion to Sweden will receive close follow-up and support from the Zaptec global development team. A team consisting of people who have been involved in building up Zaptec sales and reputation in Norway for a long time.

If this role is interesting for you or someone you know, you will find more information via this link.

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