Zaptec awarded Vebjørn Tandberg Award 2016

16. October 2018

Zaptec awarded the Vebjørn Tandberg Electronics Award 2016 – most innovative electronics company in Norway.

We are mighty proud of winning the 2016 Tandberg prize – one of the highest ranked awards in Norwegian electronic industry. The criterial for winning the prize is as follows;

Unique, innovative technology and solution.

Global ambitions.

Building Norwegian development competence and production facilities.

Confirmed customers.

In the final contest we presented our Zap-inventions based on our patented super-compact electronic insulation transformer. We are now delivering the charging cable (ZapCharger Portable) to our first customers, and we are ready to deliver a safety transformer for industrial use (ZapSafety). Delivery of these two products is a revolution in itself, but the real prospect is looking forward: We described how we can deliver our transformers as modules and thereby being part of literary one thousand products. we will call it, Zaptec Inside.
<Arrow annual conference in Oslo. This year theme was “Heroes of Innovation”. A fitting theme for the brave heroes of Zaptec!

Stavanger Aftenbladet article on Zaptec winning Vebjørn Tandberg Electronics Award 2016

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