Zaptec attending Nordic EV Summit 2017

16. 10. 2018

After 2 days attending Nordic EV Summit 2017, we left with many new contacts and interesting ideas. The days in Drammen showed clearer than ever that Norway has come a long way as a pioneer in electric vehicles, not just on the amount of electric vehicles, but also on technology and business that is being built up around this wave.

Everything indicates that 2017 will be the year where the amount of electrical vehicles grows to a point where we will encounter problems without smart infrastructure. Nevertheless the talks and lectures in Drammen makes us confident that Norwegian businesses have the solutions and resources ready to solve these challenges.

In Zaptec however, we also wish to challenge conventional solutions. Although the industry has solutions to many of today’s challenges, the use of traditional installation methods, energy management and business models can result in unnecessary use of funds and solutions little prepared for the future. In an industry as new as eMobility, we must think new, otherwise other nations will catch up the fortunate leap we have gained.

In Zaptec we do not want to be alone in this task, Norwegian companies must work together to be able to grow internationally on good solutions and solid cooperation.

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