Optimise the available power for EV charging by measuring and adjusting power consumption

When the building uses less energy, more power is available for your EV charging.

Zaptec APM measures the power consumption for the entire building and automatically allocates more power to EV charging when the building uses less. The certified Zaptec power meter is installed in the main board. Through it, Zaptec Portal continuously receives measurement data from the building and adapts the charge current to the EV charging stations.

Smart charging with Zaptec APM: Utilise all available capacity.

Upgrade to Zaptec APM when you need more capacity for EV charging

The power meter can be installed together with the infrastructure or easily added to the installation when needed. To be able to increase the capacity for EV charging, the infrastructure must be dimensioned sufficiently.

After installing the power meter, Zaptec APM is activated by emailing a request to support@zaptec.com.

Zaptec APM has a startup fee and, from 1th of August 2019, a monthly fee that is invoiced directly to the customer.

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