The brain behind the intelligent features of the ZapCloud portal – view and export charging history


ZapCloud is the brains behind our smart charging infrastructure and is constantly monitoring, balancing and optimizing the load between charging stations.

The ZapCloud Portal is the user interface where installers and owners can add charging stations, configure, update, monitor, read charging history and many other things.



ZAPTEC APM measures the power consumption for the entire building and automatically allocates more power to EV charging when the building uses less. Upgrade to ZAPTEC APM when you need more power charging your car.

View charging history from each charging station or registered user

In charge report in the ZapCloud Portal, you can view and export full charge history for the entire installation, individual charging station, or per user for the desired time-period. To view history per user on shared charging stations, all users must be registered in ZapCloud and the RFID tag / charge card must be registered to the user profile in order to start charging.

Installation owners have the ability to lock charging stations to allow access to only selected users or to be open to anyone to charge. Installation owner adds users to their installation with the email address that the users have registered in ZapCloud Portal with.

With user groups it is possible to have a couple of charging stations open for guests to charge and lock other charging stations only for private charging in the same system.

Installation in the ZapCloud portal for electrician

Installing a charging station with ZapCloud has never been easier. All configuration is done through ZapCloud Portal, and real-time monitoring is immediately available. The installation overview provides detailed information about the charging stations, with information such as history, any errors, and network status.

See real-time status on charging, use of phases on power circuit and information about fully charged EVs.Se sanntidsstatus på lading, bruk av faser på strømkurs og informasjon om tilkoblede elbiler i ZapCloud Portalen.

Integrate with ZAPTEC

The ZapCharger system can easily be integrated with third-party solutions to provide e.g. external authorization and monitoring. ZapCloud bridges the ZapCharger Pro system with OCPP 1.6 enabled cloud solutions for charge authorization and monitoring.

ZAPTEC additionally provides an open API that can be used to access comprehensive information and charge history for charging systems you own. At ZAPTEC we are dedicated to continuously extending and improving our solution to take our customers safely into the exciting future of electric transportation.


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