Safety without compromise

Zaptec’s charging system has been developed to be the safest on the market.

At Zaptec, security is the top priority in everything we do. All solutions and components are carefully selected when we develop our charging system. We never compromise on safety.

“Zaptec will never compromise on security. Our objective is to ensure that no users, cars or property are harmed by our charging system”

Kurt Østrem, Chief Technology Officer, Zaptec


At Zaptec, there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. That’s why choose to adapt our design to focus on Norwegian and European safety standards. Our charging stations come with automatic fuses, residual current devices and other safety arrangements that take up actual space inside the charging station.


We don’t allow ourselves to be tempted into selecting cheaper components offering lower quality. Instead, our charging stations are equipped with quality components and advanced safety arrangements that are able to withstand a lot of current. If you choose a Zaptec charging station, you’ll have a charger that focuses on security, quality and design.

Risks when charging an electric car


A fire may be caused if the installation or equipment used for charging is unable to withstand the load.


A broken charging cable or car fault may result in a short-circuit or earth fault.

What makes Zaptec one of the safest charging systems?


In the event that an overload fault occurs, the integrated fuses in Zaptec Pro charging stations will ensure that the fault is resolved locally instead of the entire charging system being stopped.

3 x 40A fuses protect the charging cable, charging station and car from overload currents and short-circuits. Faults are dealt with at a local level with the correct current rating.


Our charging stations are equipped with powerful relay contacts that disconnect the power supply in the event of earth faults and provide insulation so that lightning strikes or any other phenomena do not lead to hazardous voltages at the Type 2 contact.


The integrated Type B residual current device in the charging station ensures that charging is interrupted and hazardous situations are avoided in the event of any earth fault in the vehicle or charging cable.

The charging station performs calibration and self testing before each charging session. The residual current device is reset automatically by disconnecting the charging contact.


The Woertz flat cable is the infrastructure solution recommended by Zaptec. The original flat cable installation from Woertz is certified to the highest possible fire behaviour class. The flat cable will not give off toxic gas or burning drops that could be life-threatening in the event of a fire in an installation.

3 safety questions you should ask yourself

1. How is each charging point made safe?

IEC 61851-1 requires each charging point to be made safe with the correct fuse level. In this regard, the preferred method is to use integrated fuses or fuses directly connected in series.

2. What documentation is available to indicate that the charging station is able to withstand 63A?

Suppliers of charging systems should be able to provide a safety report indicating that testing has been completed in accordance with IEC 61851-1.

3. Can CE documentation be provided?

The CE Mark is the manufacturer’s way of informing the supervisory authorities that the basic safety requirements have been met.

Guarantee of Safety

Charging your car with Zaptec means that you’re using one of the most safe, most advanced, best performing charging systems on the market. We’re absolutely certain you’ll be happy with your charging system, and that’s why we give you this guarantee of safety.


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