We put safety first

Zaptec’s charging systems have been developed to be the safest solutions on the market, because safety is our top priority in everything we do. All our solutions and components are carefully selected when developing our chargers. We never compromise on safety.

We are never tempted to choose cheaper, lower-quality components. Instead, our charging units are equipped with quality components and advanced safety features. If you choose Zaptec you will acquire a safe, high-quality charging unit.

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Verified safety with third-party testing

All Zaptec charging units undergo external testing in order to confirm that our chargers meet the IEC 61851-1 standard safety requirements. This takes place at TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH Laboratory Munich, Germany, which provides safety tests. Zaptec’s TÜV SÜD report is available for download.

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Complies with overload requirements


If an overload fault occurs, the integrated circuit breakers in Zaptec Pro charging units will ensure that the fault is resolved locally rather than stopping the whole charging system. This minimises any consequential errors and the charging system will still work. Our Zaptec Go home charger is connected to your house fuse box with its own fuse.

We work proactively on IT security


At Zaptec we work proactively on security, including security in the Cloud, because we know that EV chargers are critical infrastructure. Consequently we ensure that we have our own team of the industry’s foremost security experts from the cybersecurity company Ivolve, who work actively on IT security at Zaptec.

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Reliable and future-ready

Zaptec chargers are made to last, and you can safely charge your car outdoors in all weather conditions. The charging units come with a 5-year guarantee.

All Zaptec charging units are connected to Zaptec’s own cloud service, Zaptec Portal, using either a WiFi connection, 4G, or a wired network. They also receive regular free software updates from our cloud service. This provides electric car owners with a reliable, future-oriented charging solution which can follow developments in the electric car industry and provide consumers like you with a seamless charging experience that is also beneficial to society.

Learn more about our safety approach here.

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Why is safety Zaptec's highest priority?

Our goal is that no persons, vehicle, or property should be harmed by our chargers. Our charging system is designed to be the safest on the market, where all solutions and components are carefully selected. Our design is developed based on Norwegian and European safety standards.

Our chargers are equipped with automatic circuit breakers, earth fault protection, and other safety solutions to ensure that users are always safe. Our charge points only use high quality components and advanced safety features. We do not compromise on safety. Ever.

Why was Zaptec Go named the safest charger on the market by the Norwegian Automobile Federation?

The home charger Zaptec Go won NAF’s comparison of electric vehicle chargers in 2022. The reason is that the charging box fully meets all safety requirements. Regarding safety, Zaptec is the only supplier in the test that has shown that all requirements for DC monitoring are met. Read more here (in Norwegian): https://nye.naf.no/elbil/lading/test-av-ladeboks.

How is the earth fault protection set up and secured in Zaptec's chargers?

Our chargers are equipped with powerful protection that ensures disconnection in case of fault and provides insulation so that any faults do not lead to dangerous voltages on the charging cable. The charging unit‘s integrated earth fault protection ensures that charging is interrupted and hazardous situations are avoided if there is an earth fault on the vehicle or charging cable. The charging unit also performs calibration and self-testing before each charging session. The earth fault protection is reset automatically by disconnecting the charging plug. Several internal temperature sensors monitor internal temperature and stop charging if the charging box detects a problem.

 Zaptec Go has earth fault protection following IEC 62955.  

Zaptec Pro has type B earth fault protection following IEC EN 61008-1 and IEC EN 62423. 

How does Zaptec ensure that the chargers can withstand overvoltage?

Overvoltage can occur, for example, due to lightning strikes or overvoltage on the line. The electronics in Zaptec’s chargers are designed to withstand overvoltages and are fully compliant with requirements, according to independent testing.

How is safety tested in Zaptec's chargers?

Charging units from Zaptec undergo external testing to confirm that the chargers meet all safety requirements of IEC 61851-1. The charging units also meet the requirements of the international standard IEC EN 60364.

Which standards do Zaptec's chargers meet?

For a complete overview, see the declaration of conformity (DOC) for Zaptec Pro and Zaptec Go. DOC is a European declaration of conformity. It is our responsibility to fill this out and to ensure that we have fulfilled the standards. The conformity to EN 61851-1 has been independently tested by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Munich Laboratory.

Documentation must show that the protection goal of the European directives is met, and this is done by application of harmonized standards to CE mark (Conformité Européenne) a product.



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