Insights from Leading Electric Vehicle Markets: What Defines an Award-Winning EV Charger? 

14. 11. 2023

Choosing the right electric vehicle (EV) charger is crucial. In a market that is still relatively new, it can be challenging to navigate among the various products and functionalities. Our main goal in creating a great charging experience is to make it as simple and safe as possible, while also offering you different ways to save money. You should have the option to choose when and how much you want to charge. 

In addition to being able to charge when electricity prices are at their lowest, it’s smart to have a charger that updates through a network connection, allowing new features to come automatically. This increases both the value and the lifespan of your charger, ensuring you have a home charger that evolves with your usage needs. 

The most exciting aspect of Norway and Sweden, in the context of electric vehicles, is that they are the world’s most developed markets. This means that the population has a lot of knowledge but also very high expectations when it comes to both EVs and EV chargers. In this article, we’ll compile the features and functionalities that have led to Zaptec being designated as the “best in test” in both Norway and Sweden and why it’s a reliable choice for EV owners. 

Best EV Charger in Norway 

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) conducted an extensive test of EV chargers and singled out Zaptec as a clear winner. This recognition underscores Zaptec’s quality and reliability, performance, and user-friendliness, making it the product that offers you the most value for your money. You can read more about the test on ABC Startsiden, the NAF website, and

The Norwegian magazine Teknisk Ukeblad has also shared its expertise by including Zaptec in a comparative test of EV chargers. You can find more about the test on, where Zaptec comes out in a tied first place. 

Best tested in Sweden 

In Sweden, Zaptec has also established itself as a top EV charger. M3 and Testvinnarna have included Zaptec in their tests, and Zaptec emerged as the recommended choice. You can read more about the tests on and

Even Aftonbladet has shared its insights by naming Zaptec as the best EV charger for electric vehicles

Advantages of a Home Charger from Zaptec 

  • You save money with smart charging, automatically charging when electricity prices are at their lowest. 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and 4G ensure that the EV charger is updated and improved over time. 
  • 5-year warranty. 
  • App-based locking function to prevent both electricity and cable theft. 
  • Load balancing between the house and the car. 
  • Sleek and compact design, awarded the Red Dot design prize. 
  • The option to choose from six different colors to match your house or car. 
  • A non-permanently mounted charging cable reduces the risk of damage. A charging cable is a consumable item and should be easily replaceable, whether you accidentally drive over it or the rubber becomes porous due to heavy use and harsh weather conditions. 

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Record-breaking performance

Record-breaking performance

Zaptec leverer en inntekstvekst på 86 prosent i tredje kvartal, sammenlignet med samme periode i 2022, og passerer i tillegg 1 milliard kroner i omsetning hittil i år. Kvartalet er det beste noensinne og markerer en imponerende vekst for selskapet.

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