Unsure whether an electric car is right for you? Here are some good reasons to choose electric

With a little bit of planning, charging on the go will be a breeze

Before you set off from home, we recommend that you take the time to plan your journey and work out where you can charge your car. You can also download all the charging apps you will need and register your username, password and payment details. This means that the app will be ready for use when you arrive at the charging station. Some apps include charging maps, journey planners with realistic ranges for your electric car and suggested charging stops along the way, which can be useful. If you are planning a long journey, it might be a good idea to choose accommodation at which you are able to charge overnight while you are sleeping. A number of hotels now offer free or discounted charging to guests. 

Save money on fuel

You will save money on fuel even with high electricity prices. The electric engine in an electric car uses only one third of the energy used by petrol or diesel cars. How much you can save will depend on the model of the car, the weather and driving conditions, electricity prices, fuel prices and where and when you charge. It’s a good idea to invest in a smart charger if you mostly charge at home. With Zaptec Go, you can charge when electricity prices are at their lowest, and the charger is suitable for all electric car makes, as well as houses and cabins alike.  

Lower service and maintenance costs  

Since electric cars have fewer moving parts that require repair, this will often lead to longer service intervals or lower maintenance costs than equivalent petrol or diesel cars.  

You regain fuel when driving downhill  

Using regeneration, extra energy will be returned to the battery when you release the accelerator and allow your electric car to roll down long hills. This will give you a longer range.  

You will make a positive contribution to the environment  

Electric cars are more climate-friendly than petrol and diesel cars, as they have much lower CO2 emissions throughout their lifetime.  In Norway, 98 per cent of electricity produced is renewable and an electric car that gets its electricity from clean, renewable sources has no greenhouse gas emissions. This means that you contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  

You will be rewarded for driving well  

By maintaining an even speed, the electric car will use less electricity. This means that it pays to avoid acceleration and aggressive driving. The reward is instant as the car will have a longer range.  

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