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Frequently asked questions

Zapcharger Pro Charging Station

How can I buy ZapCharger Pro?
Please contact your local electrician directly or choose from one of our dealers here . If you would like to contact our sellers directly, do it here .
How does the installation Process work?
The electrician will have an inspection of the site and give you an offer on the entire installation including charging station. With the ZapCharger Pro system you can start with a couple of charging stations and build on as people buy their cars. The electrician ensures that the infrastructure is laid out for everyone. See how you can expand chargin stations here

Can we avoid all administration around payment?
Yes, we have different solutions for those who want to let someone else take care of everything against a small amount. Contact us to find out which option are best for you.See all solutions here.

Where is ZapCharger Pro produced?
The charging station is manufactured by Westcontrol at Tau outside Stavanger. We focus on quality in production and have chosen a manufacturer with whom we have close dialogue with and who can make improvements immediately

Zapcharger Portable Charging Cable

Where can I buy ZapCharger Portable?

Contact Berg Auto here

I need support for ZapCharger portable

Contact your distributor for help. 


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Do you have any questions about your charging station?
Send us a message on Facebook Messenger in the right corner or contact your operator / dealer.

Do you need to speak to us?                                                                                                     For sales or technical dealer support, contact us at 919 03 676 or contact ZAPTEC Support.

Are you a dealer / installer and need help?
Log in to our Support page for FAQ, or to submit a request to our support team.

User manuals

To find the correct user manual, you need the name or serial number of your product. This can be found on the label or side of the cable that connects to the car.

User manual Zapcharger Pro

User manual Zapcharger Portable

ZM000366-rr-ssssss / XM000270-rr-ssssss / ZM000366-rr-ssssss / ZM000387-rr-ssssss

User manual Zapcharger Portable

ZM000195-ssssss / ZM000062-ssssss


Integration document

Calculator for ZapCharger Pro system

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