Renault Norway chooses Zaptec as its charging box operator

It is the strict requirements for safety that make Renault choose only one charging box operator.

– We want to recommend a charging box to our customers that we can rely on ourselves. Zaptec ticks off our list of requirements, and it is, among other things, the strict requirements for safety that make the choice fall on Zaptec, says Roger Andersen, PR and marketing director at Renault Norway.

The company now becomes an official supplier of Zaptec, which means that all Renault dealers have the opportunity to offer the charging box to their customers, as a recommendation.

When the electric car has been ordered, we often find that the customer comes with questions about charging boxes for the home. We have always provided information about the options available, but this collaboration simplifies communication between us and the customer. In addition, Zaptec meets the need for smart charging, and charging when electricity prices are at their lowest, says Andersen.

The smart charging service the marketing director refers to, called Eco Mode, is integrated with Nordpool’s spot prices, which means that the charging box receives information about spot prices sent every day. The unique thing is that the user does not need to be connected to a specific electricity company.

– This means that the user can automatically start charging when the electricity price is at its lowest, without committing to a third party which also costs extra. With this need that users want, and Renault being keen to be able to offer a safe quality product, I can only say that it is incredibly nice to be the chosen player. Especially in a landscape with many competitors, says Zaptec’s customer manager, Andreas Westerberg.

📸 Photo by Tom Radetzki on Unsplash

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