Planning to buy a home charger for you electric vehicle? This is what you need to consider

A home charger is the safest and easiest choice for those wanting to charge their electric cars at home, whether you live in an apartment or a house. There are numerous options when choosing a home charger and it is important that you choose the most suitable one for you and your needs. Here are the key points to check before placing an order.    

Charging power  

What charging speeds do you need? Do you mind if the electric car takes an entire night to fully charge or do you need it to be ready in just a few hours? If you said yes to the latter, you will need a charging station with higher charging power. The battery size of your electric car will also affect charging speed. Zaptec Go allows you to charge ten times faster than using a standard socket. The maximum charging speed will also be adjusted for the capacity of your car.   



A charging box for an electric car must always be installed by a certified electrician. It is illegal for you to install it yourself.  


Charging cable  

You can choose between home chargers with a fixed cable or an outlet for a separate charging cable. A distinction is also made between type 1 and type 2 charging connectors. Today, most charging boxes use type 2 connectors. However, the electric car connector may vary depending on whether the car is a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle and may also vary depending on the year of manufacture. Most cars today are equipped with type 2 connectors, as this is the EU standard, but type 1 can also be found in older cars.   


Choose a smart charger  

When buying a home charger, you will be able to choose between a simple or smart charging box. A simple charging box can neither be controlled by nor connected to the internet. A smart charging box, on the other hand, allows you to monitor charging and control both the output and the time taken. Zaptec Go is always connected to the internet and will update automatically to include the latest features and updates. By activating smart charging via the app, charging will automatically happen during the times when electricity prices are at their lowest. You save money and it’s also more advantageous for the power grid.


Think ahead  

If you plan to buy more than one electric car, it could be a good idea to choose a scalable charging station so that you can charge multiple cars at once. By considering your future charging needs, you avoid having to replace your home charger if your needs change. With Zaptec Go, you can expand as required and install up to three charging boxes at a single property. It is suitable for all car types and buildings and has been designed for Nordic conditions. With Zaptec Go, you are guaranteed safe, smart charging for years to come.  

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