Payment Solutions

The ZAPTEC charging systems will always be free of charge for the ZAPTEC system owner.

Payment of charging electricity at no cost and easy with ZAPTEC

Housing cooperatives and joint owners can easy collect charging history from the ZAPTEC Portal and charge the individual EV owner. The easiest and cheapest solution for a fair distribution of the electricity consumption.

For housing cooperatives in need of an automated billing system to charge the residents ZAPTEC is working with the following: Easypark, Charge365, Fortum, Cloudcharge and SmartCharge. These partners utilize charge history from the ZAPTEC Portal free of charge.

Free management tool

We think it’s only fair to offer our customers a free management system. As an administrator of a ZAPTEC charging system, you can use ZAPTEC Portal for free. Here you can see the status of all charging stations in your system, view consumer reports per user and update the charging station with the latest firmware.

If you don’t want to manage the system yourself, you can use one of our partners’ payment services. Everything from support to payment is taken care of for you, so you can channel your energy elsewhere.



ZAPTEC APM measures power consumption for the entire building and automatically allocates more power to EV charging when the building uses less. Upgrade to ZAPTEC APM when you need more power to charge your car.


The ZAPTEC charging systems will always be free of charge for the ZAPTEC system owner. As a ZAPTEC customer you will benefit from load- and phase balancing that efficiently optimizes as much of the available electricity as possible. The ZAPTEC technology with power balancing will provide you with 3 times more electricity and 3 times faster charging.

How to use ZAPTEC with other solutions

The ZapCharger system can easily be used with third-party solutions, such as to provide external authorisation or for monitoring purposes. ZAPTEC Portal bridges the ZapCharger Pro system with OCPP 1.6-enabled cloud solutions for charge authorisation and monitoring.

ZAPTEC additionally provides an open API that can be used to access detailed information and charge history for charging systems you own.

At ZAPTEC, we are dedicated to continuously expanding and improving our solutions. Our goal is to lead our customers safely into the exciting future of electric transportation.


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