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Generate consumption reports yourself or choose between our payment solution

Get an overview of your Electric vehicles power consumption, and pay for your usage

Each charging station measures delivered energy through a built-in energy meter. A system administrator can generate consumption reports for each charging station or each individual EV user to share costs accurately.

Pricing and invoicing can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs. A combination of price per kWh plus instalments for the shared infrastructure can be accommodated.


Read and extract consumer reports per user or charging station directly in our ZapCloud portal or use one of our partners’ automated payment solutions.

Free management tools

As an administrator of a ZAPTEC charging system, you can use ZapCloud completely free. Here you can view consumer report per user, update the charging station with the latest firmware and see real-time status of all charging stations in your system.

If you do not want to manage the system yourself, you can choose one of our partners. Then you do not have to worry about anything, everything from support to payment is handled for you.

Automatic payment solutions

Automated payment solution with EasyPark for public parking

The EasyPark app allows you to differentiate between charging and parking time. Start, stop, and extend charging in the app. Price can be set per minute or per hour. The charging station is mapped as charging point in the app and receipt can be sent as email or be downloaded.

Read more about EasyPark

Automated payment solution with RFID or charge card

Set up users with credit cards and RFID /charge card in Charge365’s customer portal, and use the RFID/charge card to start charging at charging stations that is setup with Charge365. Choose price between per minute, monthly or kWh.

Read more about Charge365

Automated payment solution with App, charge card or text message

Fortum Charge & Drive can handle everything from installation to operation, maintenance and service. With Fortum Charge & Drive together with ZapCharger Pro, it’s easy to start, pay and stop charging using a Fortum charge card, app or text message.

Read more about Fortum Charge & Drive

Automated payment solution with SmartCharge management system

The user is charged for the actual power consumption it has had at its charging point or for its user. Charging is started easily with key, RFID chip or SmartCharge App. Settlement occurs after each charge session or custom period by invoice, debit card or SMS.

The cost of charging is determined by the board of the housing cooperative.

Read more about SmartCharge

Monitor your power used for EV Charging with ZapCloud

The ZapCloud, our cloud service will register every charge cycle on your ZapCharger Pro. This way you will become aware of the power needed and cost for charging your EV. In ZapCloud you have an overview of your charger and how much power you have been using.

If the charging station is shared with multiple users’ authentication can be set up with RFID or the ZapCharger app to get individual charge history. This also gives the possibility to only allow certain users access. To be allowed access, you need to be a registered user for the actual installation. Registration is done by the system administrator.

Reports per charging station is always possible, so if the charging station is not shared, identification is not needed.

Set up authentication with RFID tags

If a single charging station is shared by multiple users, user authentication can be configured using RFID tags, charge card or the ZapCharger App. This means access can be limited to only selected users and allows tracking of their individual charging and consumption history.

ZapCharger Pro supports the most common tags, including Elbilforeningens RFID tag. It will also support the most common access cards if it has Mifare Classic (Type a) standard.


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