NEW! Launching a new version of our market-leading charging station for large charging systems

13 May, 2020

After four years in the market, ZAPTEC Pro is now packed with exciting new functions following a period of development. ZAPTEC Pro gives you a range of new functions such as 4G LTE-M supplied by Telenor, Plug & Charge (ISO15118) support, a robust new appearance and better performance for your car. There are many advantages provided to you by the upgraded ZAPTEC Pro.


4G LTE-M from Telenor allows us to ensure 100% reliability, as ZAPTEC now supplies and is responsible for the communications solution.

Lower cost and faster installation

Communications solutions can often be time-consuming when it comes to installing them, but using internal mobile communication will reduce the installation time for fitters in many cases. The cost of materials will be reduced as there will no longer be any need to use network cables, wireless access points or other communications equipment. Planning will be more precise and cost-effective as less equipment will be required for every installation.

Improved support

The charging station is always online, so ZAPTEC Support will have the opportunity to help our dealers and partners more quickly using the 4G connection to the charging station.

ZAPTEC is offering an updated version of ZAPTEC Pro with 4G LTE-M for stable Internet connection and support for an easy charging experience with Plug & Charge functionality (ISO15118). These updates will make it easier for electricians and end customers to install and use ZAPTEC charging systems, says Anders Thingbø, CEO of ZAPTEC.

4G LTE-M provides the new network connection. This means that our customers can install charging systems in installations where PLC and Wi-Fi would make solutions more expensive. It also ensures that all charging stations are always online and can send information to ZAPTEC Portal without interruption.

Using Wi-Fi and PLC technology for the Internet connection is still possible for anyone who prefers that, but we are now fitting our chargers with Telenor’s excellent coverage, using new technology which allows ZAPTEC customers to enjoy seamless, hassle-free communication using existing 4G network base stations,” continues Mr. Thingbø. 

Plug & Charge (ISO15118) compatibility means that every ZAPTEC Pro will be able to “talk to” the car and receive charge status, charging capacity and departure time at all times. This means that the charging system will receive information on how much power is needed to charge the battery fully. This can optimise phase and load balancing even more by including how much energy is needed at any time.

ZAPTEC Pro is the result of lengthy development. ZAPTEC Pro is now available from all ZAPTEC resellers: find your nearest one by clicking here.

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