Jedlix and Zaptec team up

Zaptec has partnered with smart charging service provider Jedlix, enabling smart solar charging in multiple countries.

Amsterdam, January 2023.

Now EV drivers with a Zaptec charger can benefit from the Jedlix smart charging app services or other Jedlix-supported apps. By cooperating, the market leaders expect to further strengthen their offering to their customers and ecosystem.

Connecting your Zaptec account to the Jedlix platform is simple and quick. After setting up, the service automatically creates an optimal charging plan based on user preferences and various smart charging use cases. For example, enabling smart solar charging, support for Time of Use/dynamic rates, and participation in grid services create an additional financial reward for the EV driver. This leads to cost-efficient energy management at home and boosts renewable energy charging.

Zaptec support is available in the Jedlix app, currently operating in a wide range of European countries, along with numerous branded apps or APIs supported by the Jedlix platform. This enables Jedlix platform partners, e.g., energy suppliers and other EV service providers, to include smart charging for Zaptec chargers.

“To execute our future-ready technology, this collaboration with Jedlix underlines our ambition to constantly be an integrated player in the ever-moving energy and EV transition. With this API integration, we play into our growing role in the EV ecosystem. Very happy we could set this up with Jedlix, “ says Joris Laponder, Managing Director for Zaptec Benelux.

Serge Subiron of Jedlix “We are excited to be partnering with Zaptec, one of the leading charger manufacturers in Europe. The cooperation creates clear synergies for both companies. Support for Zaptec chargers was requested by several platform partners already.”

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