Is it possible to charge the car using and extension lead?

The short answer is yes. But is it a good idea?

Do you use a standard socket to charge your electric car at home and also use an extension lead to make sure that the power reaches all the way to the car? Either of these could have fatal consequences. Today’s electric cars require large amounts of power when charging and a socket and extension lead will not be suitable for this type of load over time. This sort of charging entails a fire risk. Overheating will lead to the plastic socket deteriorating and becoming brittle. In the worst case, it could even lead to a short-circuit and arc, which entails a risk of fire. Be particularly careful if the extension lead is coiled or on a drum, spool or reel during use.  


Inefficient and a fire risk  

Moreover, such charging methods also have poor output and long charging times. The car battery is also subjected to additional wear and the property’s electrical system will be subject to additional load. Charging using a socket and extension lead rarely protects against lightning strikes and earth faults, which in turn further increases the risk of fire.  


Invest in a safe home charger  

In a survey conducted by NAF in January 2022, 17 per cent of Norwegian electric car owners said that they charge their cars at home using a standard socket. The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) recommends investing in a home charger for safe charging at home. This is a much safer and quicker way to charge your electric car, as a charging box is connected to a dedicated circuit that has been created to withstand high output and load over time. With Zaptec Go, you will have one of the safest chargers on the market, which monitors charging and cuts the power supply if anything is wrong. Faults can occur in the electronics or battery of the electric car or in the fuse box in the house. When choosing a home charger, you should also make sure that it has one other important safety feature: namely a physical barrier that holds the charging connector in place while power is being transmitted. Without this, there is a risk of sparks or arcs. Remember that a charging box for an electric car must always be installed by a certified electrician. They will take responsibility for the entire installation and will install a charger that allows you to sleep soundly at night.  

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