How to pack your car safely

Taking your family electric car holiday means a lot of luggage, so make sure the car is packed safely and securely. Loose objects can be deadly in the event of an abrupt stop. Here are our tips to make your road trip as safe as possible. 

Get an overview and plan your packing 

By assembling all your luggage before loading it into your car, you get a good overview of what needs to fit inside the car, thereby allowing you to plan the packing process. Avoid bringing too much. Think about what you didn’t need last time, and consider whether it can be left at home on this road trip. If you need access to your luggage along the way, make sure it is easily accessible. If you are travelling with children, it’s a good idea to pack a small bag with food, toys, diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, which can be placed on the floor in the front of the car. That way you won’t need to stop along the way to search for such necessities. 

Pack the heaviest items at the bottom 

Place the heaviest and largest luggage furthest into the trunk, against the backrest of the back seat, and distribute the rest of the weight as low and evenly as possible. This results in a low centre of gravity, better handling and more stable luggage in the event of an abrupt stop. Secure your cargo with loading straps, and use a retractable luggage compartment cover (rollo) or safety net if possible. Make sure you don’t exceed the car’s permitted maximum load. The number of passengers will also have an impact on the vehicle’s weight and range. 

Secure loose objects 

Securing loose objects inside the car compartment is extremely important, as even light objects can become deadly projectiles. In case of sudden stops at 50 kilometres per hour, objects will become 30 times heavier than usual. This means that a 25-kilo suitcase will fly forward with a force of 750 kilos. With increased speed, the force becomes even greater. All loose objects must be secured either in side pockets, glove compartments, trunks or under the car seat. If the children are going to use a tablet, it must be inserted into a crash-proof tablet holder. 

Don’t pile things too high 

The lightest and softest items can be placed at the top, but not higher than the headrests of the back seat. In the event of an abrupt stop or collision, there is a risk that loose objects may be thrown forward in the car. Make sure nothing obstructs your view in all directions. 

Remember that the ski box has weight restrictions 

If you need extra space for your luggage, a ski box can be a good idea, especially for large and light items. But keep in mind that you will then have to deal with a number of weight restrictions. How much weight can the roof box, roof rack and car roof withstand? Always adhere to the lowest of these weights. As the ski box will lead to increased weight and increased air resistance, the range will also be shorter. If the ski box is heavy, it can also alter the car’s handling, especially when rounding curves. 

Check the tyre pressure 

The right tyre pressure is crucial for both an electric car’s handling and its range, so be sure to check the tyre pressure once all your luggage is in place. Heavier weight demands higher pressure. If you are unsure about the air pressure your car’s tyres need to handle different amounts of load, you can find this information on the fuel cap, in the owner’s manual or in the driver-side door frame. 

Have emergency equipment close at hand 

In the event of an accident, it is important that emergency equipment such as warning triangles and first aid kits are readily available. Your reflective vest should always be kept in the side pocket of the driver-side door. 


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