Housing cooperative invests in EV charging for all residents

At Lilleborg along Akerselva in Oslo, we find a beautiful and modern apartment complex called “The Little Green One”. The housing cooperative recently decided that electric cars are the future and wanted to make sure that all their residents could have access to charging of their electric vehicles today or when it becomes necessary in the future.

The electrician company Sønnico got the job and chose to use the ZapCharger Pro charging system to prepare for 384 charge ready parking lots inside the garage. Sønnico has long experience with installation of charging stations and wishes to be a central player in the shift to a greener future. Therefore charging stations will become an even bigger area of ​​focus in the future for the company. So far, Sønnico has installed 85 charging stations in the parking lot of “The Little Green One.” and residents have received a package price for retrofitting of new charging stations. The installation represents the largest charging system so far for Sønnico, and the company wants to use the installation to show how a high-quality charging system might look on a larger scale.

We see high demand for larger charging systems from housing cooperatives and especially for scalable forward-looking charging systems that Zaptec represents. We are now reaching a significant level of expertise within the area making us able to go quickly from the first-time visit to the parking lot, installation, and completion of a fully operational charging system. Erik Andre Andersen – Project Manager Sønnico


At Lilleborg there is a total of 1000A TN available power to the charging system, which means that you can let 384 electric vehicles charge up sufficiently in just 5.5 hours! The charging system has now been in operation for an extended period and the average connection time is so far over 14 hours at the 85 charging stations installed so far, using only 1% of the available power of 1000A. Assuming the current consumption pattern continues, the charging system could potentially have over 750 electric cars with today’s available power.

Should more electric cars connect simultaneously, it will be possible to charge up to 84 electric vehicles simultaneously at 37km / h (7.36kW) or up to 30 pieces simultaneously at 100km / h (21kW).

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