Safe and advanced

Charging your car with Zaptec means that you’re using one of the most safe and advanced, and best performing charging systems on the market. We’re absolutely certain you’ll be happy with our charging system, and that’s why we give you guarantee of safety.


Our charging stations are suitable for harsh Norwegian conditions, and they’re well protected to prevent the ingress of water and dust. They also come equipped with anti-theft protection and a facility for locking the charging cable. So you can charge your car safely outdoors no matter what the weather.

The charging system is linked to our advanced Zaptec Portal cloud service via WiFi/4G, which offers 99.9% uptime. Our charging stations receive regular software updates free of charge. This guarantees your charging solution is reliable and ready for the future.


Our resellers are certified electrical installers who know all about charging electric cars. Zaptec makes sure that its resellers always have access to updated information, and the company offers an extensive course on charging electric cars. This gives you the security of knowing that everything from installation to the running and support of your charging system is dealt with as effectively as possible.


Our charging stations are equipped with quality components and advanced safety arrangements that are able to withstand a lot of current. Our charging stations also come with cooling facilities to prevent overheating. So you can expect Zaptec products to last a long time. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll be pleased with your charging station that we provide a 5-year warranty on our charging stations.

Safety without comprimise

At Zaptec, safety is the top priority in everything we do. All solutions and components are carefully selected when we develop our charging system. We never compromise on safety.

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