Finland is Zaptec’s latest addition in the Nordic region

26. May 2021

Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

The most recent addition to Zaptec’s network of countries is Finland. We are partnering with Sparkli, making it easier for Finnish EV drivers to charge using state of the art technology. 

Zaptec is partnering with Sparkli, a local vendor of the Zaptec solution. The company is a smaller startup focusing on EV charging.

“We’ve been following the success story of Zaptec for quite some time and we are super excited to enter this long-term partnership with them. We’re very confident that our Finnish customers will appreciate all the great benefits that Zaptec EV charging solutions can provide to them. Finland has been a bit of white spot in the EV adoption during last few years, but now things are picking up more rapidly than anybody could have anticipated and thus the need for top quality charging solutions is also growing rapidly.” – Juuso Kenkkilä, Chairman of the Board Sparkli Oy.

The Finnish chargeable car market grew significantly from just about 7-8% of all newly registered cars in 2019 to just over 25% this year. The explosive growth of BEV’s and PHEV’s has created a need for car charging solutions. That is the reason why Zaptec is entering the Finnish market at the moment.

“We are thrilled to enter the Finnish market with Sparkli, together we will give the growing number of chargeable cars in Finland an intelligent charging solution,” says Mr. Fredrik Lima, VP Europe in Zaptec.

Please read more about our new partner Sparkli.

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