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Zaptec Go is the best way to recharge your car before a trip, regardless of what you’re driving or where you’re going. We’ve made the world’s smallest 22kW charger (that still has max power). This was made using leading Norwegian green technology and is just as smart on the inside as it is simple on the outside.

Find out how Zaptec Go works with your car and home, and how it can help you get wherever you need to go. 

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Do you want to be a Zaptec partner?

Do you want to work with the market’s most comprehensive charging system for use with housing associations and apartments/joint ownership properties, companies and single family homes? 

We’re looking for skilled installers, car dealers and other partners!

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Zaptec and safety requirements

Our charging stations meet all safety requirements related to product and installation standards.

Read our documentation and learn more about our chargers’ key safety features.

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