Charge you electric car at home with Zaptec Go

It is fair to say that most of you would prefer to charge your electric car at home. Zaptec Go is a beautifully designed, sophisticated charging unit for use in homes, private garages or parking spaces. It gives you the freedom to charge when it suits you

Explore how Zaptec Go will fit with your home, and take you wherever you choose to go. 

Zaptec Go elbillader

Charge your electric car at home

Fits any electric vehicle

Compatible with all electric vehicles and homes. Zaptec Go cleverly adapts its maximum charge to your car’s capacity, ensuring the most efficient charge possible, 

3X Chargers

With its intelligent design, you can Install up to three Zaptec Go’s’ in the same house, just expand as and when needed. 

10X Faster

Zaptec Go allows you to charge 10 times faster than with a standard house hold plug.

Charge up for your journey with the smart 22 kW electric car charger

We have combined traditional Scandinavian design with cutting-edge Norwegian technology, creating one of the world’s smallest and smartest electric car chargers with maximum power (22 kW). It’s just as smart on the inside as it is minimalist on the outside.

Place it anywhere

The surface of Zaptec Go is the size of a tablet and won’t take up much space. Make it invisible by choosing a colour that matches its surroundings, or go for contrast if you want it to pop.

Zaptec ladekabel

Safety without comprimise

At Zaptec, safety is the top priority in everything we do. All solutions and components are carefully selected when we develop our charging system. We never compromise on safety.


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