Enable EV charging at new apartment complexes

The ultimate and smart solution for real estate developers wanting to enable EV charging at new housing projects.

The surge in sales of electric vehicles has created a demand for charging solutions at apartment complexes. For real estate developers, it will be easier to sell apartments with a car park equipped with charging stations.


Prepare car parks for EV charging

New policies urge countries to shift from fossil fuel to electric cars. This should be taken into account when planning for EV charging requirements in garages.

Possibilities for EV charging in car parks will increase the value of the apartment and help make the housing environment more attractive for both current and future residents.

Easy expansion of charging system

By installing infrastructure for all parking spots, you can ensure that future charging stations can be installed quickly and easily. The real estate developer facilitates charging before the handover.

Easy and cost-free payment and billing solutions

We think it’s only fair to offer our customers a free management system. If you would prefer not to administer the system personally, it is easy to connect to one of our partners. Our partners will handle everything from support to payments on your behalf, so that you can focus on other important matters.

*Payment services varies from country to country. Ask your local Zaptec partner for advice.


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Free management tool

We think it’s only fair to offer our customers a free management system. As an administrator of a Zaptec charging system, you can use Zaptec Portal for free. Here you can see the status of all charging stations in your system, view consumer reports per user and update the charging station with the latest firmware.

If you don’t want to manage the system yourself, you can use one of our partners’ payment services. Everything from support to payment is taken care of for you, so you can channel your energy elsewhere.

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