Zaptec home charging station

Charge at home with the future-ready charging station ZAPTEC Home

*Only in selected markets 

Smart charge your electric car at home

It goes without saying that you would prefer to charge your electric car at home. ZAPTEC HOME is a sophisticated charging station designed for use in private garages or parking spaces. It gives you the freedom to charge when it suits you. ZAPTEC Home can be connected to the network with 4G or WiFi. 

Charge your car environmentally friendly. It’s always smart to think ahead.

Safety and functionality in one charging station


Safer charging

Built in earth fault protection Type B 


Lighting strength

Set your own lighting strength 


faster charging

Charge at up to 22kW,
on 1 and 3 phase


Lock cabel

charging cable can be locked permanently to the charging station


Connected to the internet with WiFI and 4G

secure operation and software updates


Display charging consumption

See your charging consumption via the zaptec portal


Choose who can charge

set up user access


Type 2 port

International standard


Tryggere lading

innebygd jordfeilvern Type B



still lysstyrken selv


raskere lading

lad opptil 22kW,
på 1 og 3-fase


lås ladekabelen

Ladekabelen kan låses fast i ladestasjonen


Les av ladeforbruk

Se ladeforbruket i ZapCloud Portalen


Velg hvem som får lade

Sett opp brukertilgang


Tilkoblet internett

Driftsikker med programvareoppdateringer


Type 2 kontakt

Internasjonal standard

Charge 10 times faster with a charging station than with an electrical outlet

Our charging system makes use of all the available capacity in the main network. By utilising a charging speed of up to 22 kW, the charging station provides an electric car range of up to 110 kilometres in just one hour.

With ZAPTEC HOME you can charge your car safe and secure, with the international recommended type 2-port and built-in earth fault protection. 

Suitable for every type of electric vehicle

ZAPTEC HOME charger is suitable for use with all electric vehicles – either it is a Tesla, Nissan, Volkswagen or a Jaguar. With other words, you do not have to change the charging station when you are changing the car. Also, it is easy to expand to an extra charging station so you can charge two cars at once.

Invest in a future-ready charging station

To charge smart, safe and flexible can be more reasonable than you think. Choose a smart charging station for your electric vehicle which has the possibility to charge at a better price.