Zapcharger pro

EV charging station for
housing cooperative
and parking facilities

Technical Information

Charging station ZapCharger Pro

Dimensions and weight
H: 392 mm, W: 258 mm, D: 112 mm
Weight: approximately 5 kg (including backplate)

Max charging current and power
7.36 kW* at 32A single phase
22 kW* at 32A three phase (applies only to TN networks)

Built-in 3 x 40A type C fuses

Charging socket
IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Female

Earth fault protection
Built in RCD type B
Calibration and self-test are performed prior to start of every charge cycle. The RCD is automatic reset by unplugging the charging plug.

Limits the inrush current at the start of charging.

Integrated in the charging station with an accuracy of +/-1 % on current and voltage. This enables the user to check the actual power usage. In an installation, the consumption report can be used to distribute the cost based on use.

Theft protection
The front cover of the ZapCharger Pro can only be opened with a special tool. The charging cable can be permanently locked with the charging station.

Phase distribution
In a system with other identical charging stations, the units will select the least loaded phase for one phase charging or use all three phases for 3-phase charging.

Load distribution
In a system with other identical charging stations, the power available in the installation will be shared between the units by adjusting the phase current and phase distribution dynamically.

Communications interface and cloud connection/network
WiFi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (channels 1-11)
PLC – HomePlug Green PHY®, 10 Mbit/s

Identification and configuration
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1)
RFID/NFC reader

*32A current is available but limited by the temperature build up inside the charging station.


See all specifications in our product sheet
ZapCharger Pro productsheet

Backplate spesifications

Sort, RAL9017


Surface treatment
Powder coated

Material connection box

Degree of protection
UV resistant

Cable entry
Max 10mm² cable
Min 2.5mm² cable

Supplied cable seals
Ø14mm, Ø8mm and blind plug

Mounting to wall
4 pcs Ø 5mm hole

Charge up to 110km per hour using a charging station

Use the power more efficiently with ZAPTEC’s charging solution. The charging system uses all available capacity and balances it intelligently between the charging stations. Get up to 22kW on each charging station.

Columns for easy outdoor installation

Choose from 2 types of columns for outdoor installation of the charging station.


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