Balance the charging effect

Get the fastest and most
optimal charging speed

EV charging system that balance and utilizing all available capacity intelligently for electric vehicles.

Don’t have a lot of power available for charging electric vehicles in your garage or parking area? Power limitations in your building is not a limiting factor for EV charging with the ZapCharger Pro charging solution. ZapCharger Pro charging station has built-in features to support power sharing and phase switching.

Controlling these features allows all charging units to utilize all the power available in your installation and provide the fastest and most optimal EV charging speed at all times.

Charge 100 electric cars each day!
Due to the phase balancing feature, ZapCharger system is 60% more efficient than traditional systems.

Dynamic load balancing across all charging stations

The ZapCloud is running the load and phase balancing algorithm and will ensure your installation achieves the best utilization of all your available power.

Power is dynamically routed to the chargers that are in use, whether the need is as low as 1.4kW or as high as 22kW. The balancing algorithm in ZapCloud also ensures that the load across phases in the installation is as evenly distributed as possible.

Unique phase balancing enables up to 22 kW for all charging stations

Each and every ZapCharger Pro in an installation can deliver from 1.4kW up to 22kW (or 110 km per hour of EV range). Each charging station can support one-phase or three-phase charging at any level.

The optimal mode of each charging station is determined by the ZapCloud algorithm based on the overall load of the system. Dynamic phase balancing (patent pending) allows our system to handle both one-phase and three-phase charging simultaneously, thereby optimizing the use of all available power while preventing grid imbalance.

Queuing system intelligently distributes load over time

With a queueing system managed by the ZapCloud, there is theoretically no limit to how many ZapCharger Pros you can connect on a single circuit, but we recommend to look at expected usage before deciding how many EV charging stations you connect to a single circuit.

The ZapCharger Pro solution first shares all available power among all connected electric cars and if the configurable minimum charge current can’t be guaranteed, remaining electric cars will be placed in queue and moved forward as soon as an electric car is finished charging or disconnected. In practice, this rarely happens, due to the optimal use of available capacity.


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