Can you afford to choose a EV charging system without phase balancing

Can you afford to choose a EV charging system without phase balancing

Nov 20, 2018 | Insights

With a Zaptec charging system, you ensure the most efficient use of energy when charging your car. Our load and phase balancing ensures that the power input is used in full, and you avoid expensive upgrades to your garage.

Zaptec has two different technologies that mean we can use all the energy that is available:

  1. Zaptec offers the only charging station that can switch between 1 phase and 3 phase charging.
  2. Zaptec offers the only charging station that selects the phase offering the best possible utility.

Zaptec’s charging system can get by on less current than those of our competitors:

We actively use all three phases of the power input where others are fixed to one phase upon installation. We also use 3-phase charging where this is offered by the car. This means that electric cars receive more current and finish charging sooner, which means that the next car can receive more current (higher charging speed), etc.

For the record: If all charging points in a system are in use and are all charging at once, Zaptec supplies the same amount of energy as another system. Our edge is in terms of active distribution.


Can you afford the status quo?

The alternative may be major costs for the upgrade of your power supply, digging and construction contributions. Use the power supply you already have before you start digging!

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