ABZ housing cooperative in Switzerland installed EV charging

The ABZ housing cooperative has the ZapCharger Pro EV charging system as their standard EV charging solution for electric cars in Switzerland.

ABZ, the biggest housing cooperative in Switzerland, has implemented a scalable charging infrastructure with the ZapCharger Pro EV charging solution in one of their estates in the city of Zurich.

The parking garage has about 100 parking spaces, where the flat cable charging infrastructure has been set up for 40 of these parking spaces. 17 spaces have also been installed with the ZapCharger Pro backplate. The ZapCharger Pro backplate allows for an easy and quick installation of the EV charging station when the number of electric vehicles in the estate increases. ABZ cover todays demand for EV charging and has installed EV charging stations for the 3 first tenants with electric cars.

Reto Seiler, responsible for energy projects within ABZ, says “The ZapCharger Pro solution is exactly tailored to our needs. It is important for us to offer an easy-to-use EV charging solution at a fair cost to the ABZ residents. The installation is simple and robust. The ZapCharger Pro charging solution is our standard solution for the charging of electric vehicles.”

For offers of the ZapCharger Pro EV charging solutions in Switzerland please contact our certified dealer NovaVolt

ABZ and NovaVolt ZapCharger Pro EV charging solution in Zurich Switzerland

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