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ZAPTEC EV charging solution is designed especially for smart charging in housing cooperatives, multifamily homes and large parking facilities. Developed, designed and produced in Norway.


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Charge up to 22 kW without upgrading your power grid. ZAPTEC balances the available power and distributes it smartly to every EV charging station.



When the building uses less energy, more power is available for your EV. ZAPTEC APM measures the power consumption for the entire building and automatically allocates more power to EV charging when the building uses less. Upgrade to ZAPTEC APM when you need more power charging your car.

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ZAPTEC investing in Swedish electric car boom

Forecasts from the industry group Power Circle show that Sweden will have up to 2.5 million rechargeable vehicles on its roads by 2030. Now ZAPTEC is looking to get involved and contribute to the positive development taking place in the country next door.  ...

ZAPTEC provides safe, smart charging for electric vehicles

These days, the market is awash with companies offering electric vehicle chargers, with new ones popping up all the time. A quick Google search brings up 14 different charger suppliers, most of them with several models to choose from. In order to choose the right...

Payment of charging electricity at no cost and easy with ZAPTEC

    PAYMENT SOLUTIONS AT NO COST Housing cooperatives and joint owners can easy collect charging history from the ZAPTEC Portal and charge the individual EV owner. The easiest and cheapest solution for a fair distribution of the electricity consumption. For...

ZAPTEC appoints a new Chief Marketing Officer

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Lasse Hult is appointed new Chief Marketing Officer at ZAPTEC. Mr. Hult will be part of the management and he will start August 1st. He has worked in a similar role at the fund management firm SKAGEN. «We are expanding...

Electric vehicle parking in Oslo Municipality

Oslo municipality is the municipality with the most electric vehicles in 2019. More and more people are choosing to replace their fossil fuel car with an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the enormous rise in electric vehicles comes with some...

Vær godt forberedt – og søk hjelp

av Jørn Wad Det er uhyre viktig å skaffe seg god og solid kunnskap om hva dette faktisk er for noe. Å kjøpe et ladeanlegg for elbil til et borettslag eller sameie er ikke bare «en litt dyr stikkontakt». Det er så uendelig mye mer. Bjørn Myhren er leder av et...


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