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Smart lamp posts with EV Charging

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Electric car charging

Lading av elbiler hjemme,
borettslag, sameier og på parkeringsplasser

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EV Charging Corporate

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ZAPTEC charging system

ZAPTEC EV Charging solution is specially designed for smart charging in housing cooperatives, multi-unit dwellings and large parking facilities.


Certified installers



Lower Cost, more effect

Charge up to 22kW without upgrading your electric grid. ZAPTEC balances the available power and distributes it intelligently to every EV charging station.



ZAPTEC APM measures the power consumption for the entire building and automatically allocates more power to EV charging when the building uses less. Upgrade to ZAPTEC APM when you need more power charging your car.

Latest news

News and information about EV charging and ZAPTEC installations.

EV Charging in light poles with ZAPTEC Technology

    The new smart light poles that Lyse reveals at Nordic Edge Expo 2018 contains EV charging technology from ZAPTEC. Using ZAPTEC's unique load and phase balancing, the light poles can be installed in streets where it is difficult to establish infrastructure for...

Housing cooperative invests in EV charging for all residents

At Lilleborg along Akerselva in Oslo, we find a beautiful and modern apartment complex called "The Little Green One". The housing cooperative recently decided that electric cars are the future and wanted to make sure that all their residents could have access to...

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