Come visit our factory!

Join us at our production partner Westcontrol, where the workers have felt their pulse racing due to the increased demand for electric car chargers.

Good quality people lead to good quality products  

At Westcontrol, employees move smoothly through different workstations, each station specially designed for a specific part of the production process. In the course of a working day, the same person can perform everything from manual assembly to inspection and packaging. Variety of tasks and social cohesion are two common responses when talking to employees.  

“I myself feel like I’m at work with my family. We are a group of positive people who work well together, and we have a really good atmosphere at work,” says Justyna Czapla. She has been working at Westcontrol for two years and knows what it takes to make good products.  

“Good quality people lead to good quality products,” she says.  

Westcontrol at Tau – a small village with a difference  

Tau is a small village on the west coast of Norway, and is perhaps best known for the world’s longest undersea tunnel, the Ryfast Tunnel. With its beautiful location close to the idyllic Preikestolen and its proximity to the city of Stavanger, Tau has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. This is also where our production facility, Westcontrol, is located.  

On the premises of Westcontrol is a group of highly motivated and efficient employees who are experts in all the different areas required to transform individual components into fully-fledged Zaptec chargers and Zaptec Sense devices. 

To support growth and mitigate capacity and component market risk, Westcontrol has recently increased capacity with new facilities and production lines to meet the high demand for EV chargers.   

“We are very motivated to make as many chargers as possible! Of course, sometimes we have to adapt, but it’s still the same chargers and the same job,” says Dan Palmer.   

“The team here is very adaptable, and this is because we have very good co-operation across all stations. The good co-operation leads to good results; that’s for sure,” says Dalia Satme, who also works in the production line.

Team leader Trine Skjørestad Hanaset cannot praise her team enough  

“I get chills because I have the best team in the world! We roll up our sleeves and get on with it – we’ve even changed our shift times.  It’s amazing, and we only do it because we love the product and we want to achieve our goals together. We do it from the heart, and that makes me incredibly proud and very happy.”  

Trine and her team are true heroes in this great collaboration. Their tireless efforts and dedication are an important part of Zaptec’s success.

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