Reduce your costs when expanding with the Zaptec Pro EV charging system

Invest in shared infrastructure and connect charging stations as needed.

The Zaptec Pro system makes it easy to expand your EV charging installation. The Zaptec Pro has a unique design with electrical connection back plates that allow the electrical work to be done separately from the actual installation of the charging station. In a Zaptec charging system, you start by investing in a shared infrastructure and then connect charging stations as needed. 

A Zaptec installation shares a single circuit and a single power cable. All communication between the charging stations and cloud service Zaptec Portal takes place through the same power cable. 

The all-in-one Zaptec Pro charging station has integrated fuses, ground protection (RCD type B) and advanced load balancing controlled by Zaptec Portal. It is much easier to set up than traditional solutions. Zaptec Pro is a future-proof charging station.

Preparing your building or car park for future EV charging has never been easier or more affordable.


Install infrastructure

Getting started is a breeze! The first step is to invest in a shared infrastructure and a single cable with electricity and communications for all charging stations.

Voilà! Your building or car park is now ready for EV charging.


Intstall back plates

You can either install back plates together with the shared infrastructure or later on when buying additional charging stations.

You decide what is best for your housing cooperative.


Add charging stations

Simply add charging stations when the need for additional charging arises. Installation can be done by non-certified personnel on the existing infrastructure.

In a shared car park, residents can buy their own charging stations when needed.


Expand installation

No extra work or investment is required to expand the Zaptec Pro installation. There is no need for expensive investments in a new fuse cabinet, cabling or equipment.

New charging stations are simply connected to the existing infrastructure.

Use a flat cable to make it easier to scale your installation

By using a flat cable, you can install up to 30 charging stations on a single fuse. Installing the flat cable makes it faster and easier for the electrician and is more cost-efficient. The cable also carries network signals to the various charging stations.

Outdoor charging columns

Elegant design, easy to install and low-maintenance. For your outdoor EV charging solution, you can choose between the Zaptec Column Premium or Zaptec Column Standard.

Both the Premium and Standard model come in single and twin versions.

Pictured here: Zaptec Pro Column Standard.

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