Kurt Østrem appointed as acting CEO of Zaptec

February 28th, 2022

Zaptec’s Board of Directors has appointed the company’s CFO, Kurt Østrem, as acting CEO of Zaptec.

Former CEO in Zaptec AS, Anders Thingbø, resigns from his position in the company to manage own investments. Thingbø has lead the company through strong and profitable growth which includes increasing international expansion and listing on Euronext Growth. The board of directors thanks Thingbø for the efforts he has made in these four years where the company has been developed from a small private technology company to today’s Zaptec.

Zaptec will reimburse parts of Thingbø’s remaining options based on existing agreements between the company and Thingbø. Following a recommendation from Thingbø, it has been agreed that he will resign from 28.02.2022

The board of directors have appointed Kurt Østrem, CFO, as acting CEO of the company. Østrem has worked in the company since May 2014. Thus, he knows the company, the organization and the market very well and will lead the company in a good way until further notice. The board of directors desires to spend some time considering a permanent solution in light of the company’s plans for listing on the main list and the further major international growth ambitions.

The board is pleased that Kurt Østrem has accepted the position as acting CEO of Zaptec.

Kurt knows the company, organization and market very well and has also demonstrated outstanding performance as CFO and as a trusted member of the top management team. Kurt and the management team have the drive and skills to take the company forward as per our clear strategic direction and growth ambitions,  says Zaptec’s Chairman of the Board, Stig H. Christiansen.

Kurt Østrem himself is strongly motivated to lead Zaptec until further notice..

– I look forward to continuing the success along with the board and with the management team of Zaptec, leading the company along with our employees, where we together will create user-friendly charging solutions for future electric car owners.

For press inquiries:

Stig H. Christiansen, Chairman of the Board, Zaptec AS

Tel: +47 47 80 78 13, e-mail: stig.h.christiansen@prosafe.com 

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