The charging station has been developed for apartment buildings

Using Zaptec to charge your vehicle means that you are using the safest charging station system on the market. You avoid expensive investments as we utilise power up to 66 per cent better than other options available on the market.

This means that the charging station system can charge more electric vehicles than other charging station solutions – and at a faster charging speed.

Advantages of using Zaptec chargers for housing association and apartments and co-ownership properties

The charging station system is quick to install and leads to lower installation costs
Lower electricity bills for the apartment building and avoid electricity tariffs
Free 4G is included, so the charging stations will always work with the latest software
It is easy to add additional charging stations as more people get electric vehicles
Safety first – all chargers are equipped with their own circuit breaker
Dedicated invoicing solution that enables you to avoid the administrative work

Does not require administration by the board

If necessary, you can establish a fair payment solution with no paperwork and simple integration. Zaptec Park is packed with features for you to easily manage your charge points.

You can also choose to manage it yourself at no extra cost in Zaptec Portal.

The advantages of Zaptec system charging stations

Charging stations that are used for housing associations, apartments and co-ownership properties are not just any charging station. They have to withstand load, while also allowing charging to take place in the cheapest possible way.
No overloading. Better stability
The combination of improved power use and faster charging speeds means you are getting the best and most efficient protection on the market for the main circuit breaker in the building. The charging station system will never overload the circuit breaker. This results in stability for residents and there is smart distribution of available electricity to anyone wishing to charge their vehicle.
The charging station system adapts to the building
We are one of the few manufacturers of charging station systems that can understand other electricity consumption in a building and adapt the charging of electric vehicles accordingly. If the building consumes a lot of electricity, such as in the evening when everyone is cooking at the same time, the electric vehicle system understands this and takes electricity consumption into account before accelerating charging speeds once people are finished in the kitchen.
Enjoy lower electricity bills for the apartment building and avoid electricity tariffs
Zaptec charging stations enable your system to avoid electricity tariffs, which can result in a high additional monthly surcharge. The charging station system supplies electricity to the vehicles when the general consumption of the building drops, so that charging is never added to the general electricity consumption for the building. Therefore, we can guarantee that the electricity tariff will never be due to the consumption of electricity for charging electric vehicles.
Easier installation
We know that time is valuable. That’s why we want to make both installation and usage as painless as possible for you. Everything from the physical components to the cloud-based access has been carefully considered to ensure that installation can be performed as quickly and easily as possible. The electrician saves time and you’ll get an electric vehicle charging station in place quickly.
Minimal maintenance
The charging station system is connected to the internet via WiFi, 4G or cable (PLC), which means that troubleshooting and upgrades can be performed remotely – and usually without the need for an electrician to come out to housing associations and apartments.
Help is available if you get stuck
Our customer service team is available to help 24/7 if you need assistance. We can also help with the day-to-day operation of the charging station system. Because we know our products best, we can provide answers quickly when needed.
Expected service life of more than 10 years
Our charging stations have been developed in Norway, for Norwegian conditions. The charging stations are equipped with high-quality components and advanced safety devices that can withstand high levels of current. There is a five-year guarantee included.
World-class safety to avoid fire hazards
We take safety seriously. Our charging stations are equipped with integrated circuit breakers, which are required by the international IEC 400 standard. We also always ensure that the products we offer are supplied with third party approval from German company TÜV Süd, which provides best-in-class safety inspections.
You can get an overview via the free portal
You will get free access to the cloud-based service, Zaptec Portal. Here you will be able to retrieve consumption overviews and your charging history, as well as view statistics and manage access. This allows the board to operate the electric car charging system independently and at no cost, ensuring fair charges for residents.

Product comparison

See the main differences between our charging stations.
Number of charging stations in building
Circuit breaker
Payment service option
Faster charging
Built-in ground fault circuit breaker
Internet connection
Lower electricity bills

Zaptec Pro

System charging station for apartment buildings
No limit
Complies with the recommendation of the Norwegian Electronic Committee for low-voltage installations
Placed inside the charging box to ensure that any faulty vehicle or charging cable does not stop the charging for everyone else.
Yes, supports EasyPark, Charge365, Elaway and many more
Yes, with automatic phase distribution. The technology enables the faster charging of many vehicles at the same time and is an important function for co-ownership properties and housing association and apartments.
Built into the charging station
WiFi, 4G and PLC cable connection in garages with poor coverage
Yes, by avoiding electricity tariffs and increased national grid tariffs.

Zaptec Go

Charging station for detached houses and cottages
Maximum of 3 charging stations per installation
Complies with the recommendation of the Norwegian Electronic Committee for low-voltage installations
A circuit breaker linked to the charging station is installed in the circuit breaker box.
Yes, the vehicle always gets the maximum power available from the residence. The charging station incorporates static phase distribution.
Must be in the circuit breaker box in the building
WiFi or free 4G
Yes, by charging when the electricity is at its lowest.

You are putting safety first with Zaptec

The objective is simple: No people will be injured and no cars or property will be damaged using our chargers. We have high standards with reputable third-party approval from the German company TÜV Süd. This means that we minimise the risks associated with electric vehicle charging, such as fires and electric shock.

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