Proven, smart, scalable charging solutions for residential and commercial developments at competitive prices.

We’ve built our leading position in the Norwegian market by supplying robust, simple to install, and user focussed charging solutions for property developers, private homes, fleets and public charging.

At Zaptec, we put all of our experience from the world’s most advanced EV market into the design of our UK specific charge points, which are fully compliant to both


the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021


Part S of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010 concerning EV charging infrastructure.

Zaptec charging

Ideal for single property chargers, or installs of less than three in one location

  • RFID inbuilt
  • PEN fault integrated*
  • Small, stylish and smart the 7kw Zaptec Go charges any car
  • Weighs 1.3kg, measures H:242 x W:180 x D: 75
  • Quick and simple to install, commission with a smartphone
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE-M connectivity
  • Wall and column mountable
  • Easy user friendly app interface
  • Interchangeable coloured cover
  • 5 year guarantee as standard

The commercial scalable solution for balancing loads, managing power with the grid, controlling access and taking payments across larger installations of shared or public parking

  • Single or 3 phase installation possible, charges up to 22kw
  • Quick and simple to install, commission with a smartphone
  • Wi-Fi, 4G LTE-M and PLC connectivity
  • RFID integrated
  • Backplate design – install cable once, add chargers as required
  • Automatically balances load statically across chargers, dynamically with the grid, and uniquely across 3 phases
  • Can be wall or post mounted
  • OCPP 1.6 compatible, connect to multiple payment platforms including Zaptec Park (link)
  • Robust, safe and proven unit with over 85k installed globally
  • 5 year guarantee as standard

All products are developed, designed and produced in Norway

Dedicated UK support and stock holding and fully flexible procurement options – direct from Zaptec, our install partners or UK wholesalers.

Initial and ongoing training available for your install teams, plus a full suite of documentation and videos for install, FAQs, handovers and end-users.

Compatible with all electric vehicles and homes. Zaptec Go cleverly adapts its maximum charge to your car’s capacity, ensuring the most efficient charge possible.

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Management and Payment Solutions for shared parking

All installed Zaptec Pro chargers are visible and can be remotely monitored through our Zaptec Portal.

As an administrator of a public Zaptec Pro charger, you can use the Zaptec Portal for free. Here you can see the status of all charging stations, view usage data, monitor and control access and update your chargers with the latest firmware.

For shared or public parking where payment systems are required, the Pro charger can be paired with Zaptec Park back office and takes payments, tailored to your specifications.

Zaptec Pro can also be used with any other OCPP 1.6 compatible back office. These systems can be managed easily by a site administrator

zaptec portal screenshot_00