Smart EV charging

Get the fastest and most optimal charging speed.

Does your housing cooperative have little power available in its car park for EV charging? The Zaptec Pro is the perfect charging solution.

The charging station has built-in features that support power sharing and phase switching. These features allow all charging units to utilise all available power in your installation. That means the fastest and most optimal EV charging speed at all times.

Think ahead and plan for the future! More and more people are going electric. Plan today for all residents to be able to charge tomorrow.

Charge 100 electric cars each day!

Balancing power and utilising all capacity

The phase balancing system is run by advanced algorithms in our cloud service, Zaptec Portal. This provides your installation with the best utilisation of the available power.

Power is dynamically routed to the chargers in use, whether the need is as little as 1.4 kW or as much as 22 kW.

The balancing algorithm in Zaptec Portal also ensures that the load across the phases in the installation is distributed as evenly as possible.

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Our unique phase balancing enables up to 22 kW for all charging stations

Every Zaptec Pro charging station can deliver from 1.4 kW to 22 kW. With an effect of 22 kW, you can charge your EV up to a reach of 110 kilometres in only one hour. The charging station can support both one-phase and three-phase charging at any level.

The Zaptec Portal algorithm uses the overall system load to determine the optimal mode for each charging station.

We are proud of our dynamic phase balancing (patent pending) which allows our system to handle both one-phase and three-phase charging simultaneously, thereby optimising the use of all available power, while preventing grid imbalance.

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