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The market’s most complete charging solution for multi-family homes, public charging, businesses and single-family homes.

A growing market with increasing demand

The most effective and complete charging solution on the market

Profitable and scalable business


Unique, highly competent support for our partner network

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The advantages of Zaptec

Zaptec’s advanced charging system effectively meets all needs for smart electric vehicle charging. Our unique technology provides up to 66% faster charging than its competitors and at a significantly lower cost.


Challenges we encountered in Norway 



Limited power supply.

Utilises all available capacity, balanced in an intelligent manner.

Unfair power usage/consumption.

Charging stations measure consumption and then distribute costs among users.

It is both expensive and difficult to scale installations.

Begin with a couple of charging stations and expand your installation as and when required.

The safety of the design and charging box is paramount.

Developed in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

Will the charging solution be outdated in a couple of years?

Cloud-based software and replaceable charging stations ensure a futureproof solution.

How do I manage, operate and monitor an expanded installation?

Our cost-free portal provides an overview of all of your installations and allows you to access information on charging current, control power output, authenticate users, etc.

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Although the advantages of the Zaptec system are many, it is above all the simplicity and flexibility of the system that leads us to use Zaptec charging stations in preference to other equipment.

Gunnar Svenssen

Project manager, Rønning Elektro

Public charging:  

For our part, the most important aspect when we entered into a collaboration with Zaptec was that we would not need to handle installation, invoicing and operation.

Kristine Frøberg

Director of HR and Organisational Development, Europris

Multi-family houses

Our investment has been returned in the form of the increased value of homes with access to a EV ready garage in our multi-family home

Fredrik N. Engh

Chair of the Board of the Nordseterskogen Tenant-owner Association

As a Zaptec partner, you have access to:


Profitable sales 

Quantity discounts per order


Direct access to free product support
Installation assistance
Access to marketing materials
Fast delivery – we deliver direct from the manufacturer

5-year warranty

Easy ordering of charging stations and accessories via our online store
Continuous development of new products and services
Cost-free portal with an overview of all of your installations, allowing you to access information on charging current, control power output, authenticate users etc.  


Promoted as partners at zaptec.com
Access to “Certified Zaptec Partner” logo

Access to increase visibility at Zaptec customer events


Free access to installer courses
Attendance at events for Zaptec Partners
Launched Zaptec in Switzerland

Florian and Marco discovered Zaptec’s smart charging solutions at a trade fair in 2016. Six months later they became Zaptec partners and the rest is history. Their company Novavolt.ch is now one of the major players withing EV charging in Switzerland.

Rønning Elektro made more than 10 000 spots EV ready

For Rønning Elektro, it all started three years ago with one test installation. Today, Zaptec electric vehicle charging accounts for a major proportion of the installation company’s turnover.